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Volleyball Kings”


OK but look how young Haru looks here. Children under 20 can only have passports good for 5 years, so given that Haru is 18 now (it’s mid-August, and his birthday is at the end of June, and he’s a graduating senior—so 18) he is at least 13 in that picture.

That means he got it on or after July after Rin left.

Now why on earth would 13-year-old Haru need a passport? (his father lived elsewhere at the time for business—but still in Japan AFAIK—and he still lived with his mother at the time)

New headcanon: he either got it the summer after Rin left, out of a spur-of-the-moment desire to fly to Australia to see Rin (or “just in case”), maybe after experiencing that great relay with his new teammates/Sousuke and wanting to share it with Rin/see how Rin was doing—


He got it after their falling out, another spur-of-the-moment thing where he felt like he ought to go after Rin, to make sure he wasn’t serious, wasn’t really going to quit swimming.

And then eventually chickened out/couldn’t get his parents to agree to it.

probably gonna watch episode 12 again…and again…and maybe again.


Meet Russell and Lori, Rin’s homestay parents & Haruka experts

Haru: How do they know that?
Rin: Uh, well...


Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun :: The cast + Tanuki


It looks like it’s time for us to part ways. So…live for me too, Nine.

How this scene should have happened. *fangirls screams heard from a distance* 

Goodbye, Nine. I'm going on ahead.


+ queenamestris asked: episode 12 or 24?


It’s still techinally the 14th in my timezone ahaha so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SODA FLAVORED GARI-GARI KUN!!


That awkward moment :P
Usually, I sketch with mechanical pencil with 0.5 or 0.35 leads, now I used different pencil, that’s why the lines are thick, but for me they also seem to be softer, especially shading :’D

Btw I still didn’t draw my redraw challenge, I hope I will be able to make it before final episode!